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Best Virtual Office in Singapore: What to look for


Many entrepreneurs have a fantastic business idea that is ready to change the market. They have a small, dedicated team and the motivation to succeed – but there’s just one major challenge.

They lack the resources and office space to gain credibility in the market, and this is where virtual offices shine. This flexible workspace solution has become very popular in business-driven cities like Singapore because it offers all the benefits of a traditional office minus the large price tag and long-term commitment.

So, whether you need a prestigious business address that builds trust and shows success, mailing services, or a professional support team, let’s delve into what makes the best virtual office in Singapore.

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The Benefits of a Virtual Office

Why should entrepreneurs, small businesses and large companies ever consider a virtual office? And what makes it better than simply working remotely from home?


Commercial real estate is a major and expensive investment that entrepreneurs or small businesses can typically not afford. It requires a loan and the promise of success to make repayments and profit.

This can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Whereas a virtual office can be rented from $96 per month depending on your needs. Now, instead of spending an entire budget on office space, businesses have the flexibility to allocate funds toward marketing or hiring top talent.

Large businesses can use virtual offices for downsizing or experimenting in different markets with minimal cost or risk – it’s a solution that helps all!

Flexibility and scalability

All traditional office space comes with a lengthy lease, ranging from five to ten years depending on the location.

This is a risk that all businesses battle and is a prominent reason for the closure of many. Virtual offices can be leased monthly, half-yearly, or yearly, giving phenomenal flexibility over contract choices.

It also opens the door to scalability. As your business grows, you can easily scale up by adding more services or upgrading your package without the hassle of relocating or adding physical space.

Features to Look for in The Best Virtual Offices

Now you know why many businesses opt for a virtual office, let’s explore some standout features of the best virtual offices in Singapore.

Prestigious Business Addresses & Mail Forwarding

The best virtual office companies in Singapore have many prestigious business addresses to enhance your business.

For example, Servcorp offers 150+ locations globally with CapitaGreen, Marina Bay Financial Centre, The Metropolis Tower, and Suntec Tower for its Singaporean addresses. A professional address is a brand statement and is a powerful tool for first impressions.

When selecting a virtual office address, consider this:

  • Will my clients consider my business credible?
  • Does it align with my industry?
  • Is it in a central location?
  • Will it enhance the perception of my brand?

The address can be used for multiple purposes, such as your website, business cards, marketing material, and legal documents. Virtual office providers also forward any mail

Never underestimate the importance of an address in business.

Professional Team Support

Salaries are a large cost for businesses of all sizes, but productivity completely drops without a team.

Entrepreneurs and small companies commonly struggle with balancing tasks such as answering calls, completing administrative tasks, and other duties that don’t generate income but must be done.

But the best virtual offices solve this complication by providing:

  • Dedicated receptionist – answers company calls as instructed by you, takes and relays messages. They can also divert calls to up to nine numbers, which means everyone on your team can be assigned calls if necessary.
  • Secretarial support – completes various tasks, including marketing, diary management, booking flights, creating job advertisements, and much more on an ad hoc basis.
  • IT support – in-house support that can assist with any complications.

Workspace Access

Although uncommon, some of the best virtual offices include access to coworking spaces as part of their package.

Coworking spaces are a professional environment where people can work with fast and secure Wi-Fi, while having access to onsite amenities such as a kitchen with free refreshments.

Virtual office owners can book meeting rooms or boardrooms, which are essential for important meetings or presentations.

Advanced Technology Infrastructure

Singapore's best virtual office companies understand that technology is the cornerstone of any business. Working remotely presents technology constraints because most entrepreneurs or small businesses don’t have the funds or space for it.

And as we know, technology is expensive if you’re serious about gaining a competitive advantage. Look for these tech features in a good virtual office:

  • Call routing technology – the ability to divert calls to multiple numbers.
  • Secure internet - VPNs and custom firewall security are necessary in our current era.
  • Local landline number – your virtual office should give you a local landline number that can be used for business.


Virtual Offices for International Companies

It’s a common misconception that virtual offices are only for entrepreneurs or small businesses, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The virtual office has been a powerful tool for large companies in many aspects. Namely, global expansion and experimentation are two of the best uses of a virtual office.

Companies can use a virtual office to establish their presence with low risk instead of committing to an office space in a foreign country and market.

Local presence is critical when exploring new markets, and what better way than opting for the most cost-effective option? Having a prestigious local address, a local number, and a dedicated receptionist instantly improves credibility.


Selecting the Best Virtual Office

Now you have a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and standout features of a quality virtual office in Singapore; it’s time to make an informed decision.

The virtual office is the spine of your operations, and it’s imperative to choose wisely. Perform thorough research on the options available while ensuring the services align with your goals and objectives.

Remember, don’t opt for the cheapest option – there’s a reason it’s so cheap!

Understand what your business needs. Is it just an address with mail forwarding? Team support? Technology? Or all of them?

Find a virtual office that provides the best options for each service, even if it’s not currently required. Because you never know when these services will be needed in the future.

For example, Servcorp’s virtual office includes:

  • Prestigious address
  • Mail forwarding
  • Local landline number
  • Dedicated receptionist
  • Secretarial support
  • IT support
  • Technology
  • Boardroom, meeting room and coworking space access

Always find the best value for every dollar spent.

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