Home Office Versus Virtual Office in Malaysia: What You Need to Know

May 19, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Before discussing; home office versus virtual office in Malaysia, it's important to understand why anyone would want to do business in Malaysia. First and foremost, Malaysia is strategically located in Southeast Asia, which is one of the best locations (cost effective and competitive locations) for investors keen on setting up offshore businesses in the manufacturing sector. Malaysia is home to many foreign-owned companies doing manufacturing business for both regional and international markets. Many products, especially technology advanced products are manufactured in Malaysia. The country is among the most technologically advanced countries, among industrialized nations in the entire ASEAN region.

Besides location, Malaysia also has modern infrastructure. The Malaysian government has also made significant progress in making it easy for people (especially foreigners) to do business in Malaysia. According to the World Bank Group latest statistics on the ease of doing business, Malaysia is ranked 18th out of 189 economies. It takes just a few hours to register a company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia, and everything can be done online.

You have every reason to consider Malaysia as your business preferred destination as a foreigner seeking new opportunities in Asia. You'll, however, need to think about setting up an office once you get to Malaysia. What kind of office will be adequate for you? Below is a detailed discussion to help you answer this question.

Home Office Versus Virtual Office in Malaysia

What is a home office?

As the name suggests, a home office is simply an office which is set up at home. Unlike typical offices, home offices are not set up in commercial buildings. You can set up your home office in a spare room at home. A home library can also be used as a home office. All you need is typical office equipment i.e. a computer, desk, chair, internet connection, stationery, printer among other equipment you find in a typical office.

People set up home offices for many reasons, the most notable being to save on cost. A home office is cheaper to run than a typical office because you do not have to pay rent and hire staff. Home offices also offer unmatched flexibility. Home offices simply offer you all the benefits of working from home.

Home office in Malaysia

Malaysia is a great place to set up a home office if you plan to do business and live there. As mentioned above, the country is technologically advanced which is an important prerequisite for operating online businesses. It is ideal to set up a home office in Malaysia if you plan on doing online business there. Nevertheless, you'll still need to find places to meet clients/hold important business meetings. If that is the case, a virtual office will be more ideal for you.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office can be defined as an office that gives you all the benefits of a traditional office minus the huge setup and running costs. Virtual offices give you access to office resources of multinational companies at a fraction of the actual cost. With a virtual office, you can work from home but have an office address and phone number in a prestigious office building. You can also use office equipment/resources such as board rooms for meetings when needed and pay for what you use only.

Virtual office in Malaysia

Regardless of the type of business, you choose to set up in Malaysia as a foreigner; you'll need formal space to conduct important business activities. Home offices do not offer a professional image. To be taken seriously as a foreigner doing business in Malaysia, you'll need an office. Setting up a typical office is, however,expensive, which is why a virtual office is the best alternative. Virtual offices offer multiple benefits (more than those offered by traditional offices).

First and foremost, you do not need to buy any office equipment. Also, you do not need to hire any office personnel or waste time and effort familiarizing yourself with the necessary laws and regulations required to setup an office in Malaysia. You, however, get access to all these resources as well as a local business presence (local business address and phone), boardroom/conference facilities and global access to all virtual office locations offered by your provider just to mention a few benefits.


A virtual office in Malaysia will be more ideal than a home office if you are keen on portraying a professional image while cutting costs. In fact, virtual offices were invented to serve this very purpose among many others i.e. offer flexibility. For instance, you can have many offices in many different locations at a low cost. 

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