Tips for Expats Buying a Small Business in Malaysia

March 03, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Malaysia offers expats all the comforts of home, plus it's a newly industrialized market economy. For over 50 years, the country has remained strong economically and many large and small investors have discovered the wealth of possibilities there. With a Gross Domestic Product that is well over $740 billion dollars, Malaysia continues to surprise investors with its robust financial and economical advancements.

Malaysia: A Country with a Strong Future

The Malaysian government works toward keeping the country on track to achieve its excellent financial goals. Many government programs are in place that are designed to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world. While some nations are simply drifting along, taking whatever financial growth comes their way, Malaysia makes a point of setting lofty goals and then backing them up with action. The nation has been proactive with macroeconomic plans that keep it very competitive with other world economies and has set its sights on becoming one of the largest economies in the world by 2050.

Business Types That Might Interest Expats

If you have a lot of money to invest and are looking for a long-term financial sector where you can earn big rewards, then get involved in the production, import and/or export of petroleum and natural gas. Investing in real estate and commercial property is another lucrative idea. Internet marketing companies are springing up everywhere to meet the growing demand of entrepreneurs who are building websites to sell their products and services. Information technology and VoIP communications businesses are also on the rise in Malaysia.

Malaysian Industry and Commerce

The advanced industrial sector, beautiful natural resources, extended Malaysian life expectancy, along with a high fertility rate and a great educational system are just a few of the reasons why people move to this country each year. The economy has fully rebounded from the global financial meltdown of a few years ago and today is moving forward at a rapid rate. Malaysia is a country that prizes its cultural and family ties, while striving for greater economic opportunities.

Choose a Professional Serviced Office 

If you need a prestigious downtown address to impress your clients and investors, then choose virtual and serviced offices. This solution is both low-cost and will meet your company's needs, even after you've been in business awhile.  Malaysia attracts both local and foreign investors and many come not knowing what to expect or where to start. When you select a serviced or virtual office environment, you can enjoy all the amenities of the very best upscale downtown office space without paying the high costs associated with that endeavor.

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