Business Resolutions To Strive For In 2013

Jan 2013 | Servcorp

All businesses strive for improvement each year. How exactly should a company go about accomplishing improvement on a yearly basis? Each organization will be different; however, a number of business resolutions to strive for in 2013 will be useful to most companies.

Team Morale

The economy is still not in an ideal position and employees are always stressed about their employment stability; therefore, it is essential to keep the morale of the team at a high. Companies must dedicate time to support their employees and to show their appreciation. A company does not have to spend a significant amount of money to accomplish such a feat. Consider featuring a different employee and their accomplishments on the company blog once a week or once a month. Allow for employees to leave one hour early one Friday a month for the year. If a department has money to spend on team morale, provide free team lunches to boost morale and camaraderie.

Social Media

Social media has been around for a reasonable amount of time now and companies are still not fully utilizing these invaluable tools. Create social media goals in a number of areas. Determine the ideal number of visitors needed on the company website to reach sales targets and drive social media campaigns until such targets are acquired. Do not forget to scrutinize analytics to determine the successes and failures of each campaign to improve upon the next. It is critical to customize social media to the each organization and industry to establish the most desirable communities. Having one million Facebook fans is ineffective if they are not the type of consumers who will actually purchase a product or service from the company. Focus on building a relevant audience.

Create Efficiencies

Companies always have room to create efficiencies; however, many employees lack the skills to create efficiencies and others fear they will eliminate their job or be forced to take on more responsibility. Encourage working smarter rather than working harder. This business methodology will save the company money in productivity and employee satisfaction. Most people are driven by results. If they see they are contributing more to the company, they will feel more connected to the company and want to take on more responsibility as a result.

Think Long-Term

The days of being short-sighted business people should be set aside and forgotten. If companies wish to be successful in the business world today, they must think long-term. Yes, investors and shareholders want immediate results; however, it is up to the company to retrain the mentalities of all to think long-term for the good of the company, the employees and the investors and shareholders. People cannot make money if a business no longer exists.

The business resolutions to strive for in 2013 will help shape a healthy bottom line. It is important to foster a positive work environment, enhance social media channels, create efficiencies and to think long-term to have a successful 2013 and to bring in 2014 with a surplus.