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Tips for Working with Temp Agencies in Malaysia

March 01, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Recruitment agencies abound in Malaysia, providing workers for all types of jobs from common laborers to specialized technicians. Today's global businesses have changing needs, and that includes employees. Temp workers offer solid services to business owners who are not ready to hire a full-time person to fill a position. When a company needs workers quickly or just to fill temporary needs, they often hire temporary workers from local agencies in Malaysia.

1. Expand Your Resume

A temporary worker needs to be versatile and available on a moment's notice. They need various skills in their arsenal to get called upon for lucrative opportunities. Workers with more skill sets can count on being offered better temp jobs. If possible, take a few classes to broaden your skills. Get a degree in your chosen profession. With each new job, you gain new skills so be sure to add those to your resume. Many resumes are now searchable online so be sure to include popular keywords or job titles that an employer might be looking for. Tweak your resume often and keep it current.

2. Dress and Act Professionally

Even on menial jobs, supervisors notice if temp workers are clean, dressed nicely and carry themselves well. Remember that a low paying temp job might evolve into a real exciting career move. You just have to dress and act the part. Always be courteous. Show up on time and look sharp. Never break company rules. When you maintain a professional appearance and behave in a friendly way toward others, you'll often get put on top of the list of workers who are called back in when temps are needed in the future.

3. Becoming Bilingual

With today's global economy, it can be a real bonus to be able to speak more than one language. Many companies are looking for bilingual employees to work as receptionists and tech-support. These are just two of the jobs where it is imperative to be bilingual. Companies inMalaysiaoften get calls and inquiries from other countries, and the nation is comprised of many cultures and ethnic groups. Though the official language is Malay, there are also large populations of Indians and Chinese who call this nation home. It is much easier now to find language learning software online that can make the job of learning an additional language much simpler.

4. Show up on Time and Work Hard

Though this can seem like an essential part of employment, sometimes temp workers are so lackadaisical about an assignment that they are careless with punctuality. No matter what type of work it is, supervisors do keep records and pay attention when workers are habitually late. This also holds true for those who are lazy on the job and don't work hard. Always put your best foot forward and do the best you can and this will get the attention of managers and supervisors. The temp agency you work for also keeps good records of those who can be counted on to show up when and where they are supposed to. They choose dependable temp workers over those who are apathetic about their job.

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