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May 29, 2016 | Trinh Danh

There's a change in the dynamics of how work is currently being done in modern businesses, and we have to thank personal computing, the Internet, cloud computing, and the virtualization of the office for it.

The future Malaysian workplace is a more flexible and mobile one. Virtual offices have allowed for companies—particularly small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and startups—to be more supportive of their workforce versus the impersonal (but cost-effective) innovation known as the space-saving office cubicle.

What Does These Changing Workplace Trends Mean for Malaysian Businesses?

Thanks to the advent of the Internet in the late 1990s and smartphones at the end of the 2000s, various unbelievable technologies are now available in the average worker's fingertips, allowing for instantaneous communication and various amazing services that give companies and their workers more freedom in the way they are required to work. For example, SMBs should expect:

  • The Redefinition of the Workspace: The future of workspaces in Malaysia is indeed all about the virtual realm or renting out fully furnished offices so that you can get pay-to-use rentals, rather than shoulder the cost of office space plus buying office supplies and furniture for it.
  • More Flexible Hours for their Workers: Employees can now drop-in, work for a bit, leave early, and spend long hours the next day if they so wish with the work flexible hours of a virtual or serviced office in place. They also have the option to work on the go, delivering their workload while mobile.
  • Better Profits Due to Lowered Overhead Cost: Serviced offices cost less than an office rental or ownership because it is on a pay-per-use basis and already comes complete with furniture and supplies you do not have to buy. A virtual office has every worker and service that costs the fraction of the price of an employee. An SMB is more likely to stay afloat with these new workspace developments.
  • Office Accessibility Anytime and Anywhere: Certain office emergencies are not covered by your typical 9-to-5 work hours. To nip certain problems in the bud before they become worse, having 24/7 connectivity to the office through cell phones, computers, and an ever-present online connection can be quite beneficial to many an SMB.
  • Co-Working Spaces: Sharing nonexclusive office spaces has also allowed for the concept of the co-working space to flourish. It is a space wherein people can bounce ideas off each other in a shared environment. Workers in this environment can even work together with their fellow tenants that are neighbors instead of workers employed by the same company.
  • Various Technological Breakthroughs: In a little over 10-15 years, virtual offices have given way to various benefits and services such as virtual assistants, remote receptionists, flexible working hours, co-working spaces, premium business addresses, exclusive mailing addresses, online fax, teleconferencing, and much more.

The Bottom Line

Although this paradigm shift in how Malaysian businesses will have to deal with workspaces is a mostly positive one, SMBs will still have to adapt to these emerging alterations and the challenges that come with them. As of this writing, demand for virtual offices among small companies is rising rapidly.

It particularly needs to keep up with the more flexible work hours of its employees and ensure that every last pay-per-use service package from virtual and serviced offices is fulfilling its full cost-efficient potential. As always, it is Survival of the Fittest: The businesses that could adapt best to this new method in dealing with workspaces will be the ones left standing.

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