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The Difference Between Servcorp Virtual Offices and Other Providers in Malaysia

January 27, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

Malaysia offers so much to investors, entrepreneurs, and startups. Their economy is very stable and as a member of the ASEAN, investors can count on a steady growth rate for their business. Kuala Lumpur is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and offers a great deal to large and small businesses. The region also boasts excellent seaports, airports and ground transportation. There is also an ample supply of manufacturing space, industrial space, and office space available. 

Setting up Your Business Quickly 

If you have just come to the region and want to set up a new business, you'll find all the resources necessary to do so, including consultants who can help you get the right permits and licenses. The major barrier for many new startups is that all of these resources cost money. For instance, leasing an office in the central business district can be pricey. In addition to that, you'll need to purchase furniture, computers, and hire new employees. If you just can't find the money in your budget for all these expenses, there is a perfect solution and it's called virtual office space. 

With virtual office space, you can get exactly what you need for one low monthly fee that fits well in your budget. The area that many business owners are concerned about lies in choosing the right provider. Though selecting a cheap provider of virtual office space can seem like the best way to save money, you may be disappointed in the services they provide. When you choose Servcorp Virtual Offices you can rely on consistent quality. 

How to Save Money 

A new business owner needs to focus on getting big contracts and building their clientele. When you have to worry about small office issues, then it takes you away from your primary goal. That's why large and small business owners choose Servcorp. Each virtual office package includes a prestigious address, local business telephone number, complimentary use of a day suite office in any other city for up to three days per month, and many more desirable amenities. You'll get a dedicated receptionist to answer all your calls and forward your mail or email so that you don't miss a sale. 

Get the Best Services for Less

Setting up an account at Servcorp is easy and can be done online within just a few minutes. If you need to change your services, this is also easy to do and can be done online. Along with your monthly fee, you'll have access to the latest communications equipment such as Onefax and Onephone. Many entrepreneurs say that's what they love about Servcorp the most… they stand behind their services. If you have a problem or a need, simply ask and someone will respond right away. Business owners love this because they know they won't have to stress out over complex issues such as the Internet not working properly. 

From time to time all business owners will need an upscale boardroom or meeting room where they can invite important clients or investors. While other providers may not be able to give you the stylish meeting room you request, Servcorp has no problem with this. Meeting rooms and boardrooms are nicely furnished with luxurious furnishings and they are easy to reserve online. Servcorp also organizes social events from time to time where entrepreneurs can network and get to know each other. You can make valuable connections during these types of events. 

Servcorp Offers More 

With the Malaysian economy continually growing, there hasn't been a better time to move into the region and set up a new business. With Servcorp Virtual Offices, the process is much easier and it will fit into almost any financial plan. They have virtual and serviced offices in 140 countries around the world and they take pride in offering business owners the very best. 

Please Contact Us 

Servcorp in Malaysia has established a professional reputation for providing all the services that business owners need at an affordable rate. Please come by or call +603 2169 6128 if you'd like a free tour of any of the Servcorp facilities.