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The Importance of Facebook for Your Business

December 1, 2013 | Valerie Wong

Facebook is without any single shred of doubt, currently the world's most popular and widely used social networking website. Its user base grew from just over a million active users at the end of 2004, to more than 1.1 billion in March 2013. This means that there is a large segment of the world population that logs into Facebook every single day. If you're looking for a way to promote your business online, as well as have meaningful interactions with the people that are likely to be interested in what you're selling, Facebook is the place to be.

Why is Facebook so important for your business? Here are some of the top reasons:

It Helps Establish Your Brand and Your Legitimacy

Nowadays, many companies, ranging from small, one-man operations that run out of someone's garage, up to multinationals like Coca-Cola and McDonald's, all have a strong presence on Facebook. Simply creating a page on the world's biggest social media website can help establish the fact that your business is “present” and that it is not just a fly-by-night operation that is here today and gone tomorrow. A curious potential customer might first look for your business on Facebook. If he sees that you have a page that is regularly updated, it will reinforce the idea of legitimacy. The potential customer feels more at ease, knowing that he has an additional way to get in touch with you.

It Offers You Various Online Advertising Opportunities

The cheapest way to advertise a business on Facebook would be to create a page, and start building a following of people who have bought from you or are likely to do so. You can then add promotional messages to your page, such as information about the products you sell, special promotions, and more.

You could also use Facebook ads, which are pay-per-click ads that work in a way that resembles Google AdSense display ads. You can target users in a specific location or demographic, then send the traffic either to your Facebook page or to a landing page on your website. There are some other paid advertising opportunities on the network, such as promoted posts, which can help ensure that your page updates reach a larger audience.

Facebook Integrates Well With Other Marketing Channels

If you're marketing your business online, chances are that you use a variety of methods to get the message out, such as social media, pay-per-click ads, media buying, email marketing, video marketing, etc. Your Facebook campaigns can work well alongside your other online campaigns and even complement them.

For example, you can link to videos that you've posted on YouTube. Or, you could use your Facebook as a way to get additional subscribers to your email marketing list. Finally, when it comes to SEO, you should know that search engines will now give more weight to sites that are featured prominently on social media. Therefore, the more users share your posts which contain a link to your main site, the more you are likely to get good SEO results, not to mention more traffic coming from people seeing the posts on Facebook and clicking the link.

No matter what industry you're in, Facebook can definitely help you with your online marketing efforts. If you haven't done so already, you should consider establishing your presence on the world's largest social networking site today.

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