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Most Profitable Samll Business In Malaysia

February 6, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Malaysia has one of the strongest economies in all of Asia with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that consistently rises annually. The government has numerous plans in place to make doing business in Malaysia as simple as possible. The country is working hard toward the status of “developed country”. Many experts believe that they may be able to move into the Top 20 world economies by the year 2050. With seven international seaports, a modern international airport and a great light rail system, doing business here can be highly profitable.

Malaysia has an excellent quality of life with an above-average educational system and a work-culture that is ranked second in the world. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. All this makes Malaysia a great place to settle down, raise a family and build your own small business. You could become one of Malaysia's new millionaire entrepreneurs in just a few short years.


This is one of the major businesses in Malaysia with over $230 billion dollars each year. Countries all over the world get items from Malaysia because of the high quality and low prices. Electronics are a major export item, including computers, smartphones, flat-screen televisions, radios, DVD players and many others. Millions of dollars' worth of jewelry and gemstones are also exported.   Petroleum products, rubber products, and chemicals are also major export products. With the right business strategy and some start-up capital, an investor could expect to build a very profitable Import/Export business in Malaysia.


Since the world depends on the export of so many products, there are numerous manufacturing plants in Malaysia. Though the start-up costs can be high in manufacturing, the profits can be quite large. If you have experience in some area, this can be beneficial. Work with products you know or find a product that has a good profit margin.

Catering to Tourists

Each year, the tourist industry exceeds the expectations of the experts. Kuala Lumpur is a highly sought destination. Tourists come from Europe and the U.S and even the most unexpected places like Iceland. The area has a rich cultural history. But it also offers gorgeous beaches, pristine mountain views and palatial tea plantations. Resorts, hotels and spas are abundant, but there are still areas where a quaint resort hotel would be a great addition. The tourism industry alone contains hundreds of ideas for small business owners.

Exclusive Business Centers

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