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How To Keep Good Employees And Let Go Of Bad Ones

Mar 2013 | Servcorp

Your employees are undoubtedly your most valuable assets. When you own a business, it is critical to learn how to keep good employees and let go of bad ones if you want to succeed in your industry. After you hire the best candidates for the position and you train these new hires, you new to find innovative ways to retain the employees that are worth retaining. Here are the most effective ways to increase your employee retention and reduce the costs associated with losing key employees by showing your employees that they are important parts of the organization. 

Take Time to Hire Good Employees in the First Place 

You can never cut corners when it comes to hiring employees. One of the most effective ways to let go of bad employees is to hire the right candidates in the first place. You have to consider more than just experience during the hiring process. You need to jot down what skills and qualities that your exemplary employees possess and look for these qualities while you are interviewing. You must also think about how you want your customers to feel when they come into contact with an employee who represents the company. If nothing else, you need to hire pleasant, confident, motivated employees who can self-manage and have a good attitude. 

Evaluate Employee Performance on a Regular Basis 

The process of employee evaluations should be described in detail in your Employee Handbook. If employees know that performance evaluations are routine, they are more likely to perform at their best all of the time. At each evaluation, you can identify the strengths and the weaknesses of each of the employees you currently employ. By tracking performance and making a plan on how to improve the performance of employees who are struggling, you can weed through your employee base and nip the existing problems in the bud. Employees who perform well can be given incentives to develop their career so that they choose to use the skills they have gained with the company that helped build them. 

Offer Benefits That Employees Need and Expect 

In a turbulent economy, even individuals with a strong skill set are much more likely to take a position that does not offer benefits and incentives. As the company rebounds, your strongest employees who have learn to do their job well may consider looking for new positions with organizations that offer benefits and better pay. One of the most effective ways to improve employee retention is to pay well and offer medical benefits. These benefits show that you care and you appreciate what your workforce does for the company. 

Always be clear about what you expect from your employees from the beginning. If you are flexible, you show you appreciate your employees, and you take time to encourage skill development, you can tailor your employees and retain them. Empower your staff by giving them a better quality of life, and work to identify those you want to keep and those who need to go on a regular basis.