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The Importance of Top Quality Employees in Malaysia and Tips on Finding Them

December 9, 2014 | Sharon Cheong

Malaysia has a fine reputation for providing businesses with opportunities to develop. It has long been one of the most successful locations for doing business in South East Asia. Many companies open new branches or relocate some of their existing interests to the area. Undoubtedly, the bulk of companies moving there choose the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The success of Malaysia in terms of business development can perhaps be traced back to its origins. It was once a British colony and as such has developed much of its infrastructure and laws in the same way as the United Kingdom. This is particularly evident when you consider their government system, which was based on the parliamentary system in Westminster. Malaysia continues to enjoy a vibrant economy. The ongoing success of businesses in Kuala Lumpur is perhaps the main reason behind that.

The benefits of hiring quality employees

There are many highly qualified professionals residing in Malaysia and in particular Kuala Lumpur. They have been attracted there due to the vast amount of employment opportunities. Securing the services of quality employees is one of the main challenges faced by businesses throughout the world. In order to maximize the success of your business, you must possess a highly skilled and committed team of staff. One of the major benefits of quality staff is in relation to performance. Obviously, the more skills and experience an employee has in the job role, the higher their performance levels. This ensures that your clients receive fantastic services and assistance. In addition to this, high quality employees can be used as a benchmark for other employees to aspire to. They can provide advice and assistance to less experienced members of staff. Perhaps you can also utilize them in an official training capacity as a coach or mentor. Surrounding yourself with quality employees improves every aspect of your business and ensures that your business has the best possible chance of long-term success.

Finding quality employees through agencies

In Malaysia, employment and recruitment agencies are in abundance. Many of these agencies specialize in particular sectors and industries. Invariably, they will have built up a substantial database consisting of highly skilled individuals. If your company specializes in a certain service then it is definitely advisable to contact an agency that specifically recruits for that sector. This is a very efficient way of recruiting as it reduces the amount of time and effort that your own company needs to put into the recruitment process. It is important that you advise the agency as to your exact requirements and the desired attributes of any potential employee.

Universities and career fairs

Whilst experience is one of the most desirable qualities to look for in any prospective employee, it is certainly not the ultimate attribute. It is unwise to disregard suitably qualified individuals because they lack the necessary amount of experience. Many recent graduates leave university with excellent qualifications. One major benefit of employing a recent graduate is in relation to the fresh approach that they bring. Industry related learning changes very quickly. Recent graduates will undoubtedly be familiar with the latest skills and information that perhaps some of the more experienced employees in your company are not aware of. Equally, career fairs attract a lot of young, inexperienced individuals. Why not consider attending a career fair? It can be a great way to have an informal chat with suitably qualified potential employees,

Target industry-specific publications

In addition to advertising for employees in the local and national press, why not utilize specialist publications? Many trades and professions have their own publications that broadcast industry-related news and information. Invariably, such publications will have a section dedicated to recruitment. This can be a great way to attract employees with the specific skill sets that you require.

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