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The Advantages of a Virtual Office in Malaysia

March 25, 2014 | Valerie Wong

Instead of having to rent costly office space, buy expensive equipment, get a steady cache of office supplies every month or so (from staplers to paper to manila folders), and increase your overhead expenses by a factor of a hundred, why not avail of a virtual office in Malaysia? Indeed, you can jump in headfirst into your business or market of choice and focus on your business growth potential by having a viable virtual office service ready for "occupation". A virtual office, as its name suggests, is an office that exists in the virtual world (your computer and the Internet). Everything you need to run your operation—from a fax machine to a call center operator—can be provided by this service. 

The Truth About Virtual Offices 

The paperless office of the future is now here, and it is awesome. There's less and less need for paper because more and more people are handling their work and data through flat monitors and touchscreens instead of a dead sheet of tree pulp. It's like the virtual, online version of a serviced office (office rental that includes renting equipment at low, low prices), in that it handles all your office-related needs and includes all your work equipment in one handy package. For instance, are you familiar with VoIP or voice-over IP? You should be, because it's the future of telephony today. Instead of paying for a landline, you can access phone calls via the Internet. 

You can have your "voice" travel through Internet Protocol(or the Information Superhighway), such that instead of a handset, all you need now to call someone (long distance, even) is a headset (headphones with a microphone attached) and a computer. Some virtual offices even allow you to rent the computersthemselves if you can't afford to buy one. Still other packages involve hiring employees to work at home and making them use their own laptops and tablets to access your "office" as though they're logging onto Facebook or Twitter. It's now possible to make money online that's not a scam, such that working at the comfort of your own home is currently a viable career option, all thanks to virtual offices. 

Why Virtual Offices Are Taking the World by Storm 

Virtual offices make a lot of sense (and cents), especially for startup companies that cannot afford to buy their own building or floor for the sake of managing their operations and their multitude of employees. In turn, a virtual space often includes a VoIP operator that can take incoming and outgoing calls with ease as well as Internet faxing (in that fax machines can now connect online and send their documents via Internet to a waiting computer). There isn't even need for paper, really; as already mentioned, many virtual offices are 100% paper-free. Every last bit of information is computer data, from PDF files for documentation to editable tables and graphs on Google Docs. 

Employees have less of an excuse to not come to work if their work is accessible through any computer or, if the device is advanced enough, even a smartphone. That's 24 hour access right there. More work will be done, and there are no overhead expenses for security and cleanup (your base of operations could be at your own home's basement, so you're now your own custodian and security guard). With a virtual office, you won't have to deal with short smoking breaks, a limited time period for lunch breaks, unfinished work, traffic jams, possible fire hazards, buying food outside via restaurants, and a host of other issues. 

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