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Is a Virtual Office Right for You

Jan 2, 2014 | Valerie Wong

A virtual office can save you time and money. The costs of a traditional office are replaced with a small monthly bill, for a virtual office package. You can keep the professional address and telephone number of a real office, but you won't have to put up with the full time office itself. You also won't have to take a long morning commute to go into your office. However, if you want to use an office, for meetings or conferences, there are virtual office packages that let you have access to offices in the location of your choice. A virtual office is the right solution for you. Their popularity has grown, especially during the tough recession we all just endured. A virtual office is more cost effective, and you get the benefits of an office without the cost of a traditional full time one.

What are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Office?

Virtual office packages can save you money. There are no extra costs of having an employee – benefits, paid time off, employment taxes, payroll taxes, records, or sick leave. You can even end up paying a virtual receptionist less per hour than a traditional receptionist. This new global economy is really something. Plus, you only pay for the actual time spent on your projects – not for those coffee breaks! There is also no need to purchase office space or office equipment, because it is all provided. You just don't get to use it all the time - well, at least the office space. There are some virtual office packages that give you access to office space on an as-needed basis.

Virtual office packages can save you time. You can spend less time doing busy work, and you can have more time for just expanding your business or relaxing with your family. There is no necessity to train employees. You can accomplish more work in less time. You do not have to spend time on supervision. You do not have to create busy work for an employee to work on during a busy period. You do not have to commute into the office. These are all significant advantages, and they can help you use your workday more productively.

Virtual office packages give you more flexibility. You can hire and utilize a Virtual Assistant whenever you have to have one, based on the workflow of your business and how much work you get from month to month. You only have to pay for the time that staff works, and you don't have to pay employees when it's slow. You can increase or decrease the services as needed.

What Questions Should You Ask When You're Choosing a Virtual Office Provider?

Choosing a virtual office provider is a big decision, and it can be tough to select the right one for your needs. If you're struggling with which one to use, narrow it down to a few, and then pose questions. Ask if you can test out the Internet, give a receptionist a call, or talk to the IT team. See what it would be like to use their services on a regular basis. You have to get a personal feel for the company before you can make a business decision to hire them. If you don't make the right decision with the virtual office provider, it can be very negative for your business.


These tips come from Servcorp's CEO. If you need a virtual office in Malaysia, contact Servcorp today.