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Business Address Services in Malaysia

April 25, 2014 | Valerie Wong

A business address service is essentially a way for startup companies to get their own business mailing address and representative brick-and-mortar headquarters without actually renting out an office. You can even get one of these packages in less than five minutes from companies like Servcorp. They're instantly operational, they'll have virtual office services (from VoIP telephony to online receptionists and Internet fax) serve as their backbone, and they're readily available in Malaysia. Particularly, Servcorp even allows you to send the quotes from their competitors so that they could match or beat their prices in case they're offering what you believe is a better deal. 

Investing in Malaysia Might Involve Getting a Business Address First 

It's hard to get your own business address because it's no joke to invest in a new office. Renting it out can even be out of the question for a startup business with barely enough capital to get its name registered, much less acquire an actual brick-and-mortar workplace. For businesses that are just getting started, the best course of action is to have a "temp" address in place that represents your present headquarters until you scrounge up enough money to actually get an office. This business address works just as well as an actual office save it's a fraction of the cost and you won't actually be renting realty. 

You're instead renting at around $110 a month a representative Malaysian address and location you can use to make meetings with clients, go about face-to-face communications, conduct interviews with applicants, and so forth just short of actually making it into your real office. It usually comes with a virtual office package because the virtual office (filled with a VoIP-powered telephone number and an online receptionist) will serve as your actual office wherein you can conduct your actual work, while your business address will in turn allow you to put up a more respectable front (since clients take work-at-home companies less seriously than those that have a brick-and-mortar address). 

It's All About Proper Presentation in Malaysia 

Investing in and starting a business in Malaysia involves having an appreciation for the country's multilingual, multiethnic, and multicultural society. This is why it's important for you to penetrate the Malaysian market with a representative business address on top of a cost-effective virtual office setup: You're dealing with a melting pot of cultures as diverse as New York City, so it's important for you to bring your best foot forward, even if you are a novice company. Sure, you can depend on online sales and mostly Internet-based business while staying in Malaysia or attempting to appeal to a Malaysian market. 

However, you'll have a bigger impact by having a physical presence. Even if the temporary corporate headquarters of yours that you pay $110 a month as rent without actually staying there is mostly used to receive mail, invitations, and correspondence you can't handle via VoIP, Skype, email, or online receptionist, it still pays to have it because it makes your company have a more professional and legitimate "feel" to it, whether you're attempting to invest in frontier markets, emerging markets, or developed markets. Also keep in mind that your company's bank-based and financial market investments require some sort of representative office to handle them. 

Are you planning to establish a Malaysian-based business? Consult with Servcorp and get assistance with your startup. With the company's virtual business address solutions and corporate registration services, you should be able to fulfill your Malaysian startup business needs.