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What Is Servcorp Onefone?

July 2012 | Servcorp

Like all Servcorp Serviced Offices worldwide, the Servcorp Serviced Offices in Kuala Lumpur offer a complete range of support services so that you can focus on your business at hand – no staff hiring, training or managing required. When you sign up as a Servcorp client, you have immediate access to all the tools and support of a regular office, backed by our more than 30 years of solid experience in the business of providing serviced office space for hire.

In addition to all the support services you receive as a Servcorp client and the portfolio of outstanding IT and communications products at your disposal, Servcorp also has a proprietary IT and communication system called Servcorp Onefone, our own global telecommunications network, which is a cost-effective, voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology enabling you to turn your computer, laptop or notebook into your business phone. All your calls are always highly secure – Servcorp's Onefone system uses the Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) client on an encrypted VPN 'tunnel' for conversations without interference or eavesdropping.

Servcorp's Onefone technology means no more worries about expensive international phone, data and roaming charges on your mobile phone helping you save costs and increase profitability. With Servcorp Onefone technology, expensive international calls with your phone service provider are a thing of the past – you can enjoy call savings up to 72%.

You can stay in touch with your colleagues, clients and business partners wherever in the world you are, on one dedicated phone number, on which you can make or receive calls no matter where you are, as long as you have an broadband internet connection. With Onefone, there will be no longer any need to give your customers multiple phone numbers to contact you on, and your business associates will think you are always in the office!

Servcorp's innovative Onefone technology, launched in 2009, ensures that you always enjoy a fully-secure connection on all your calls when using broadband, without any interference, delays or dropouts commonly associated with mass-market VoIP connections.

Another great advantage of using Servcorp's Onefone is that if you are not able to take your calls, you can also have your Servcorp receptionist answer them for you, in your company's name, lending a distinctly professional edge to your business image.

1     ** Cost comparison based on Telekom Malaysia Business rates as per July 2009. Local calls are charged at standard rate, national calls enjoy up to 71% discount, mobile calls enjoy between 33% and 71% discount and international calls enjoy between 6% and 72% depending on destination.