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Want to do business in Malaysia but can't get there just yet?The Servcorp Virtual Office Is Here

July 2012 | Servcorp

Like all Servcorp Serviced Offices worldwide, the Servcorp Serviced Office in Malaysia offers a comprehensive range of support services so that you can focus on your business at hand – no staff hiring, training or managing required. When you sign up as a Servcorp client, you have immediate access to a dedicated receptionist and a trained local multi-lingual personal assistant to help you with all your workday tasks. However, when you cannot physically be at a new location, Servcorp offers a conveniently brilliant solution – the Servcorp Virtual Office®. Your business can instantly establish its presence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital city, or in any of more than 120 prestigious addresses internationally, because Servcorp offices can be found in the most distinguished commercial buildings in major cities worldwide.

Our Virtual Office packages have been designed to suit the requirements of different businesses as well as budgets. You can sign up with us online, for a one month trial or for a longer term. Choose from our basic Virtual Office Address, Communications or Meetings packages, or the more comprehensive Platinum package. As a Servcorp Virtual Office Address or Platinum client, you can use our prestigious business address in all your official communications, business cards and stationery.

With the Servcorp Virtual Office Communications and Platinum packages, you have a local telephone number allocated to you, and all incoming calls for you are answered in your company name, then transferred to you wherever you are in the world using Servcorp Onefone, our proprietary VoIP system. This is because there really is a fully-trained Servcorp receptionist in your chosen location –  not a call centre, and not temp staff!

When you establish your Virtual Office with us, we handle all your mail, fax and courier requirements, and any local faxes that come in for you are forwarded via email to you using Servcorp Onefax, our secure proprietary fax-to-email system. As we do for our Servcorp Serviced Office clients, we also provide our Virtual Office clients with multi-lingual personal assistants for remote assistance with any local requirements.

When you do travel to Malaysia – which we hope you do soon, because it really is a great place to do business in – you will enjoy immediate access to boardrooms, meeting rooms and day offices in the Servcorp Office in Kuala Lumpur. With a Servcorp Virtual Office, you have your business operational almost immediately in Malaysia, or anywhere else in the world. What could be easier?