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Malaysia - A home for businesses and families

July 2012 | Servcorp

Malaysia is no stranger to international companies looking to establish a foothold in the Asian marketplace. A combination of abundant natural resources, reasonable living costs and a well-established corporate environment has always made this south-east Asian nation an attractive place to live and do business in. As any executive knows, a relocation to a new country also means the introduction of his or her family to a completely new environment, and schools are just an important a consideration as where the corporate office will be located.
Fortunately for most foreign executives and their families, Malaysia's friendly, wildly diverse multiculturalism means that there is something for almost anyone here, and settling into a place where many of one's countrymen have already discovered (and often come to love) makes the relocation just that little bit more manageable.

According to 2012 World Bank statistics, Malaysia rose five places to 18th place (out of 183 global economies) in rankings for 'Ease Of Doing Business'. More significantly, the country also rose an astounding 61 places in the same year to 50th place in the world in World Bank rankings for 'Ease of Starting a New Business'.

These changes evince the fact that despite its mature corporate environment, the Malaysian government continues to prioritise its pro-business policies to encourage further foreign as well as local investment in the country. Many major multinationals have set up offices here, drawn by the country's dynamic business environment and the thriving, market-oriented economy. Another factor which makes Malaysia an attractive place for foreign investors is the extensive use of English in business, legal and accounting practices, a legacy of the British presence in the country prior to its independence.

Companies looking to expand their operations into Malaysia and which require an instant base of operations in any new country now have the convenience of 'testing the waters' before committing further resources to upsizing, with Servcorp's network of Service Offices or Virtual Offices in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

Existing Servcorp Serviced Office clients are even eligible for a free two-month Virtual Office membership in a different location within the Servcorp network (standard usage charges are applicable). The convenience of being able to 'hit the ground running' in any new market very often means huge payoffs in the long term. This is especially so in most countries in Asia, where the rates of economic development and expansion in countries like Malaysia continue to grow promisingly, despite the recent slowdowns in the global economy.