What You Need To Know When Investing in South East Asia?

July 14, 2014 | SERVCORP

Malaysian virtual offices have everything that you're searching for in terms of quality telecommunications service, plus they go well together with serviced offices in high-grade locations all over the country.First, a rundown of what you'll be getting. Serviced offices, also known as business centers, managed offices, executive suites, or executive centers, are brick-and-mortar rental office spaces that are already fully furnished (you'll be renting out the appliances and furnishings of the office too rather than invest on buying tables, chairs, cubicles, custodians, and more) so that it'd be easier to meet up with clients or conduct events and whatnot.

What About Virtual Office Solutions?

When it comes to virtual office solutions, they're essentially the online version of a regular office. The paperless office that people have been predicting to happen back in the Nineties and early Turn of the Millennium has already come to pass at present. The writing was on the wall; people were becoming more and more dependent on email rather than "snail" mail, plus instant messaging, social media, programs like Skype, and teleconferencing have become quite ubiquitous as of late. The virtual office package brings all of this together into a huge telecommunications package by using its VoIP and Internet fax package as the backbone of the whole deal.

On top of depending on websites, Internet chat, email, and other means to communicate with each other, a virtual office package in Malaysia also includes various virtual services such as the auto receptionist, advanced voicemail, and Internet fax to deal with your everyday office needs. After all, a virtual office does everything a normal office can without you having to pay huge capital for setting it up since everything is online-based. Just as ecommerce is the online version of shopping, virtual offices is the online version of the typical office; the paperless solution everyone has been craving for since the Nineties, in other words.

The Benefits of Going the Virtual Office Solutions Route

Everyone has been dong virtual communications even in regular offices thanks to the Internet and various modes of communication (chat, instant messaging, teleconferencing, email, social networking, and much more), so the next logical step would be to replace phone lines and traditional faxes with VoIP and Internet faxes. VoIP or voice-over Internet protocol is the virtual version of a phone line. Instead of installing a phone in your regular office, you can get VoIP services in your virtual offices that allow you access to cell phone and landline telephone numbers from your headset and computer.

You can carry out communications through your PC without the need for expensive line installations. What's more, there's also the fact that these VoIP-powered solutions come with receptionists (outsourced human ones for your customer service and automatic machine prompts for everything else) and advanced voicemail. Your receptionists can either be professional recorded voices that welcome incoming callers for the sake of redirecting them to the right extension or actual human ones who can field customer feedback. As for the Internet fax, all you need is a printer/scanner to send faxes to actual facsimile machines since they can emulate their function without you having an actual fax unit on hand.

Do you wish to get your Malaysian-based business off the ground? Consult with Servcorp and acquire the company's virtual office and corporate registration services; this way, you should be able to turn your Malaysian startup dreams into actual, achievable goals.