Malaysia’s education system embraces the cloud

May 2013 | Servcorp

Businesses here in Malaysia don't have to look very far to find out how effective a cloud system can be – but some of them might have to go back to school to find out. Yes, in case you missed it, the Ministry of Education has chosen to fully embrace Google's cloud service within its entire school system.

As part of the scheme, Malaysian students will benefit from new Chromebooks - however the big story for those interested in cloud technology is that the education system as a whole will be embracing Google's Apps for Education.

Not only will this allow Malaysian students to make full use of the internet and reinforce its importance as a learning tool, it'll allow the government to manage a massive volume of files in a cost efficient manner.

On top of that, it'll allow further scope for students to work remotely in situations that suit, and will allow teachers and parents further access to work (within reason at least).

The move comes hot on the heels of the Philippines' Education System doing something similar towards the end of last year, and many are pointing to both as perfect examples of how Eastern organisations that require far reaching communications and storage tools on a budget can benefit from cloud technology.

So what can Malaysian businesses learn from the move?

Well, they can bear in mind that it's a very cost efficient way of managing a high volume of files. It's hardly a secret that the Malaysian economy isn't the strongest in the world, and any money that a business can save on storage solutions is money that can either be saved or spent elsewhere.

Like many Asian locations, the base level of IT access in Malaysia lags behind what business owners might find in Western locations. However, owners of small to medium sized enterprises can use this to their advantage – if you make full use of cloud technology now, you'll have an edge over your competition. Possibly for years to come.

You might not be responsible for an entire education system, but if your business needs remote access to its files in a wide range of locations then cloud technology can simplify your business dealings, while allowing you to become a lot more productive.

Technology is constantly evolving – don't let your business get left behind. Regardless of its size, a cloud system can be hugely beneficial.