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The Features of Servcorp Serviced and Virtual Offices in Menara Citibank in Kuala Lumpur

June 24, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Menara Citibank is a 50-storey class A commercial building/tower located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The magnificent skyscraper was officially opened in 1995. The building was constructed by The Lion Group. Originally, the tower was named Menara Lion. The name however changed to Menara Citibank when Citibank bought 50% stake in 2000 and moved into the tower. 

Menara Citibank Tower is a highly sought after office building with an impressive list of reputable tenants including Servcorp. The tower is definitely among the best office buildings in Kuala Lumpur. It is in fact a landmark in Kuala Lumpur's CBD alongside other buildings such as the PETRONAS Towers. 

Building features

Menara Citibank spans 50 floors with Servcorp occupying the entire 36th floor. The tower stands 190.2 m (624 ft) tall and boasts of a floor area measuring 68,156 square feet. The floor to ceiling height is approximately 9 feet. Other impressive features include car park capable of accommodating 1,500 cars comfortably. The tower also has GBI certification (Green Building Rating), a state-of-the-art 24-hour CCTV surveillance, card access system and guard patrolling. Menara Citibank is also served by 25 computer-controlled lifts featuring VVVF lift technology. You couldn't ask for a more sophisticated and secure office building in Kuala Lumpur when you can use Servcorp upscale offices on the 36 level at a fraction of the real cost of securing office space in the tower. 

Location details

Menara Citibank is located on one of the most prime office addresses in Kuala Lumpur; 165 Jalan Ampang, 50450. The tower is located between Wisma MCA and the Intercontinental Hotel, making it the perfect office location for international businessmen keen on setting up offices in a prestigious and easily accessible area. Menara Citibank Tower is also located a few minutes away from Ampang LRT (Light Rail Transit) station. The tower also offers easy access to highways, corporate buildings, embassies and shopping complexes. The tower is also within a 2 kilometer radius of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. The strategic and prominent location of Menara Citibank Tower offers unmatched business benefits. For instance, it's a convenient and prestigious location for holding meetings. The tower also offers the perfect professional image for your business.

Servcorp offices at Menara Citibank

Servcorp offers state-of-the-art serviced offices, virtual offices and casual meeting rooms at Menara Citibank Tower. 

1. Serviced offices

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of having a prestigious office address in Kuala Lumpur without having to go through all the hurdles of setting up an office from scratch, our Menara Citibank Tower serviced offices will be perfect for you. Our offices feature the world's finest office furnishings as well as all the high-tech IT and communication technology you need to conduct business seamlessly while conveying utmost professionalism and standards. 

Our serviced offices also come with dedicated, friendly and multilingual receptionists, IT support staff, secretarial services, fully-equipped meeting facilities, unbranded reception area (to ensure your business comes first), superfast internet with 99.9% uptime and anything else you need to conduct business seamlessly while making a lasting impression to your clients. Don't waste your time, money and effort setting up an office from scratch in Kuala Lumpur when you can use Servcorp's serviced office at a fraction of the price but still enjoy more benefits. 

2. Virtual offices

We also offer virtual office services at Menara Citibank to give you a much needed professional presence in Kuala Lumpur coupled with unmatched mobility and flexibility crucial for achieving more with less. Get a CBD address in a prestigious office building as well as a local telephone number (answered in your company's name) without having to set up a traditional office. We also offer mail and courier management services, and much more with our virtual office package. 

3. Meeting rooms

We also have prestigious board rooms, day offices and casual meeting rooms for those who are interested in one-off hire as well as casual bookings. Pay for our prestigious meeting rooms only when you use them and have access to world-class meeting amenities/resources at a small cost. Create the perfect impression for your business without spending a fortune. 

Getting to Menara Citibank

You can get to Menara Citibank Tower easily from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The tower is just 45-60 minutes away from the airport when travelling by taxi. The tower is also accessible via express train from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes to get to the tower from Kuala Lumpur International Airport via Central Station. Taxis serving the tower from Central Station take approximately 15 minutes. 

Menara Citibank is undoubtedly the best office building in Kuala Lumpur to set up an office in if you want to conduct business in Kuala Lumpur while maintaining a prestigious and professional image. It is however expensive and daunting to get office space in the building let alone setup and this is where Servcorp comes in. We will handle all the logistics of having and operating a prestigious office in Kuala Lumpur at a fraction of the actual cost. 

For more information; Contact us on: Telephone: +60 3 2169 6188 Fax: +60 3 2169 6168. You can also visit our offices on level 36 for a free tour. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, proceed and use our online booking system to book any of our serviced offices, virtual offices or meeting rooms.