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Top tips to improve staff morale

July 2013 | Servcorp

A Malaysian Employee Job Satisfaction survey carried out by JobStreet.com has revealed 78% of respondents are unhappy with their current employment – but only 17% of those surveyed claimed their salary was the main reason for their despondency.

Instead, the main source of dissatisfaction stems from the restricted nature of their work – with many complaining of too much work or that the work they do is exceedingly tedious – and a bad relationship with their supervisor or boss.

Interestingly, the survey found that the 22% of respondents who are happy at work enjoy their working experiences and challenges, feel valued by their bosses and have well established friendships with their colleagues.

Overall, most employees felt that opportunities for advancing their career and a good work/life balance would improve their happiness exponentially, with 62% stating they would seek alternative employment if these needs were not met.

As a business owner, then, it's important to realise the benefits of keeping your most important commodity happy, given that low morale can lead to reduced productivity, poor co-operation and high attrition rates – and all of these factors can prevent a business from reaching its true potential.

Most employees come to the workplace expecting to work – that much is obvious. But mixing work with play can have a huge impact on morale levels. Monthly activities are a great way to get everyone involved and allow staff to socialise with colleagues without workload pressure hanging over them.

Consequently, showing employees the value of their work can make them feel inspired and appreciated, which will go a long way to improving morale levels in the long term. Take the time to reflect on what employees have achieved, and don't be afraid to celebrate important milestones as a company.

Finally, many employees will have their own ideas on issues affecting the business, which is why they should be encouraged to speak up if they have a practical solution to a morale-sapping issue. If you do decide to implement their idea, always be sure to let them know that their brainwave has made it into the organisational framework.