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Green Investment In Malaysis

May 2013 | Servcorp

It's no secret that the Malaysian government has been making a positive effort to improve the country's energy efficiency levels, and in an effort to push things further in that direction banks are becoming ever more likely to provide financing for green technology development.

In fact, the government has recently put aside RM3.5 billion to be dispersed exclusively to green technology industry movers and shakers via banks.

While it's hoped that the move will benefit the country and banks in equal measure, it should be noted that participation in the scheme is open to both local and national organisations.

So what's the end goal for the Malaysian government in choosing to free up this cash?

Well, it's all a part of the Energy Efficiency Master Plan for Malaysia which was first revealed a couple of years ago. The bigger picture for the country with regards to energy efficiency involves a major drive towards the efficient and sustainable use of energy resources, based on several of the more successful programmes from the Western world.

A specific short term aim of the government is to achieve a 6% increase in energy savings through the aggressive development of green technology between now and 2015.

For business owners with a slant towards green technology, this is obviously very welcome news. Indeed, an argument could be made that there's never been a better time to invest in Malaysia if you're a business that ticks all the green boxes and could use the investment.

Of course, you'll have to be investing for pure reasons. The government is absolutely committed to its green vision, and as such only brands that share all of its viewpoints are likely to gain access to the money.

Green businesses already based in Malaysia may have an easier time getting their hands on an investment, but as you'd expect they'd need to have a solid plan behind them as well as plenty of credibility in the green industry to secure it.

All in all though, it's an opportunity. If you feel your business has the right green credentials then they could do a lot worse than enquire.