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6 Ways To Increase Office Productivity

Jan 2013 | Servcorp

A stale workplace will produce stale productivity levels. The average employee becomes much less motivated to work under stressful work situations which can occur, but even more demotivated when the tools that he requires to do the job are not present. This can cause a build up of work fatigue that needs to be dealt with; or else, it will lead to a demotivated employee which can be a severe hamper on productivity.

Create a Zen Environment
The value of a Zen environment is the ability to produce a working environment that functions, by getting employees to focus on their work directly. When in a Zen environment, there is absolutely nothing but the bare necessities to keep focused. This can increase productivity by reducing distractions to workers. This is an especially useful medium for inspiring creativity.

Network With Employees
When working in an office environment, a boss that makes his rounds to check on employees plays a significant role in employee morale. This inspires a person to keep working their best in case the boss is patrolling; however, it can also be used as a way to get to know the employee. Instead of just the occasional rounds, the boss stops in to have a small chat. This in turn, makes the employee more dedicated to meeting his assignment or milestone for that week.

Make the Work Interesting
If the work can be made interesting, then the work ethic will take care of itself. A key role in decreased worker efficiency is the monotony of repeated tasks. These tasks should be cycled to ensure that the worker never suffers from a burn out phase. This helps keep the work interesting in a way that is beneficial to the worker and the entire office.

It may be an overlooked piece of the office, but it has a significant role in productivity. An inconvenient desk for example, has the ability to hamper a worker's productivity in the work place. The furniture needs to be replaced with more comfortable, functional furniture when the worker begins to suffer from poor working conditions.

Tools and Equipment
A worker should be comfortable with the tools they are using. These tools compose their arsenal of ways to get the job done. Workers that lose faith in their tools, often become demotivated to do the job correctly. It is imperative to ensure that all workers have the tools at their disposal to get the job done; otherwise, be prepared to suffer from another decrease in productivity.

Putting All of It Together
When a work place is made more comfortable and efficient, employee morale will rise. Keeping employees happy is a key concern to promoting productivity. A content worker will do the job with a passion which in turns boosts her productivity. This streamlines the office into a sleek, efficient ecosystem for all to utilize.