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Start-Up Business Ideas for Women in Malaysia

Nov 16, 2014 | Sharon Cheong

Malaysia has a strategic location in Southeast Asia: right next to small but formidable Singapore and the large consumer market of Indonesia. Thanks to its strong economy, attractive tax incentives, and efficient infrastructure, it should come as no surprise that its economy is the third largest in the region. Moreover, current Prime Minister Najib Razak has set ambitious growth targets, hoping to double its economic growth by the year 2020. To help reach this objective, the Malaysian government is actively encouraging foreign investors to open a venture in the country.

Here are the hottest business opportunities for women to start in Malaysia.

Internet-Related Business

An increasing number of Malaysians are tapping into the power of the World Wide Web in making a living. If you are highly skilled in a particular field such as web design, Internet marketing, writing and programming, you should consider opening a business to effectively promote and provide your services to Malaysia-based companies.

Professional Services

Thanks to its growing economy, new businesses are cropping up in Malaysia every day. Therefore, there is also a growing need for professional services such as bookkeeping and accounting. If you are a licensed CPA, lawyer, or are skilled in some other important business aspect, you can find many interested clients in this country.

Human Resource Consulting Business

If you have strong credentials in human resource management, or a postgraduate degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology or Social Psychology, you may offer consulting services in the country. Malaysia is home to hundreds of companies that are seeking professional guidance in finding, keeping, and rewarding loyal employees.

Management Consulting Business

Malaysia-based companies face a lot of challenges on a day-to-day basis. As long as you have the expertise to provide valuable and effective advice on any particular subject that is relevant to companies, you can become a management consultant. You can offer sound advice regarding business strategies, operations, human resource management, marketing, financial management, supply-chain management, information technology and organizational change.


We discussed only a few of the most popular businesses for women to start in Malaysia. Setting up a firm in Malaysia with up to 50 employees takes only six days, so a smaller business should take even less. Keep in mind that before you set up a business in Malaysia, you must have thoroughly prepared your plan and have a backup course of action as well.

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