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Business Management Strategies to Improve Staff Performance in Malaysia

December 17, 2014 | Sharon Cheong

Kuala Lumpur has long been considered as the business hub of Malaysia. The city continues to develop and provides skilled professionals with a multitude of employment options. Universities in Malaysia are producing an increased amount of talented graduates that can be extremely beneficial to businesses. However, it is important to maximize staff performance levels at all times. This ensures that your business has a great chance of enjoying prolonged periods of success. The global financial crisis still poses problems to businesses throughout the world so it is imperative to keep the performance levels of your staff high in order to reduce the impact of this.

Performance Related Incentives

A great way to improve staff performance is by implementing incentive schemes. A high percentage of employees respond very well to such schemes as they feel that their efforts are appreciated. Whilst this should not be used as the major tool of motivation, incentives can be very useful in terms of encouraging staff to meet and exceed targets. Many successful companies operate such schemes. It may be advisable to look at the ways in which other companies operate them and develop a similar scheme.

Ongoing Training and Development

You should ensure that your employees have regular access to training in order to assist them with their professional development. Allocate some time each day for individual employees to take a short break from their duties in order to learn new skills. This will help to improve confidence levels and drive performance. Perhaps there is an area of study that your business could benefit from? Training staff and giving them the tools to expand their knowledge is a great way to meet the ever changing demands of your business. Ensure that new staff are aware of the training requirements. Make it a positive experience so that employees enjoy developing their skills. Offer rewards or bonuses for staff members who successfully complete training.

The Importance of Praise

Offering praise to your employees when they complete a task to a high standard is a great way of nurturing good working practices. Your employees will be much more likely to reproduce their efforts if they receive approval. By acknowledging the efforts of individual employees, other staff members may improve their own performance in order to receive similar levels of praise. Praising employees for their efforts is a great way of improving morale and relationships. These are two important contributing factors in relation to performance.

Your Management Team Must Be Approachable

Whilst the individual knowledge, experience and expertise of your management team are all important qualities, being a team player who welcomes discussion is also vitally important. Managers should have an approachable attitude that encourages staff to offer opinions. Employees that are encouraged to contribute opinions will increasingly look at ways to improve their own performance for the benefit of the company. Perhaps an employee has a suggestion with regards to improving the efficiency of a task? By allowing them the freedom to express their opinion, your company could benefit from the suggestion and save money.

Outlining Their Importance to Your Business

This should be one of the first factors to consider when recruiting new staff. It should also be emphasized to existing staff at regular periods. Many employees see themselves as an individual component of the business when in reality they are an important part of the team and vital to the success of the company. Make sure that they are aware of this as it will undoubtedly improve levels of commitment and dedication.

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